Breathe New Life Into Your Books With A Book Binding Service

Most people simply love their hardback books. They are really special and are treasured a lot more than paperback books. Paperbacks are convenient, but a hardback book is so much more special. If you really want to take care of your hardback books and make them last for a lifetime then you need a high quality book binding service.


What is Book Binding?
When you use a book binding service they will create your book by collecting into a block the block bound pages or those sewn into a spine. Adhesive secures the hardback book and the book binding completed.
You can choose from a flat spine, a rounded spine or a tight backed book spine. The adding of a ribbon or marbling is possible, prior to the gluing of the hardback book case to the book block.
A book bindery will make your hardback books a lot more durable. It is a real art form that requires a great deal of experience and craftsmanship. The book binder wants your hardback book to last you for years, so they will bind your book using the right techniques.
The strongest method of bookbinding for durability is the Smyth sewn hard cover books method. Here thread is sewn through the back fold of a page (at the spine) and this will proceed from page to page. With this method of book binding you can lay your book flat at any page.
Custom Bookbinding Options
If you want to customize your hardback book then there are a number of options open to you. Custom leather book binding is very popular and this is a complex process. Paring of the leather around the headcaps and corners is very important. It also requires special card for the inner cover which is the same thickness as the turned in leather. The result is astounding!
There are other finishing techniques that will bring new life to your books. These include foil stamping, staining, die cutting, handwork, round cornering, staining, a unique dust jacket and marbling. Naturally your book rebinding cost will be higher with these techniques, but they are really worth the extra money.
Other Benefits of Book Binding
Rebinding any kind of book is possible but most people choose books that are really special to them. They want these books to last for years so they choose them carefully. The most common types of books that end up in our Seattle bindery are bibles, yearbooks, art books, children’s books, coffee table books and vanity books.
You may have a requirement to produce a professionally finished book, so using professional book binders is your best option. Examples of these kinds of projects are law books, medical books, and your thesis for your degree or other academic award.
Bookbinding Seattle
If you are looking for a book bindery in Seattle then look no further than Pavel is a master bookbinder and has over 40 years of experience. Pavel operates the finest book bindery in Seattle and will breathe new life into your treasured books.
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