About Pavel

The restoration of aged, damaged, or deteriorated books and documents require a combination of old-world craftsmanship and modern techniques, something that Pavel knows well. It needs to be executed by hand, carefully and patiently.

Whether they are treasured Family Bibles, letters, rare and antiquarian books in public or private collections, historically significant chronicles, or other documents, environmental conditions and years of usage tend to cause the internal deterioration and visible damage that endanger our recorded heritage.

Custom Bookbinding and Restoration

If the spine of the book is missing or is not fit to be preserved, Pavel can recreate the spine with a facsimile layout and design. The original front and back cover of the book will be preserved. We turn restoration and repair into an art and our main goal is to make our clients happy and preserve their books and written works.

Pavel takes pride in handling your book at the highest level of respect obliging to your tradition.

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