The Benefits Of Book Restoration For Your Hardcover’s

Trying to maintain the integrity of your books may be difficult as there are many situations as well as the elements that can destroy them. Smoke, water, fire and mold can all damage historic and other old books if you do not follow the proper prevention methods. If this happens then book restoration is the answer.
In this day and age most books are in digital format for reading online, but this does not mean that there isn’t immense value in preserving your books. It is not impossible to restore damaged antique books but it is a challenge.


There are vacuum drying and freeze drying techniques, and the method used will depend upon the type of binding and the paper. You will need to use the services of a book restoration professional such as Pavel Book Restoration as they will have a full understanding of the process involved.

Restoring Books that have been damaged by Water

You will need to take the following precautions for the restoration of books that have water damage. These are tips recommended by book restoration experts:

1. Keep your book in its original state. If your book was open when it was damaged then keep it that way. If it was closed then leave it closed.
2. Insert wax paper between pages if coated paper exists in your book.
3. If you want to move or store your books prior to treatment then pack them with the spines facing downwards in crates or boxes. Use a piece of freezing paper to separate the books.
4. Let your books dry first before removing any dirt or mud.
5. Don’t try to clean your books with detergents or bleaches.

6. Wet books are best dried out using a fan slowly.
7. Prevent additional moisture and mold with the use of talcum powder and cornstarch.
8. With wrinkled or folded pages, give your book time to dry partially. Once partially dry hold your book and then press gently again and again to continuously dry it. When you believe that your book is nearly dry you can use two dry boards and clamp the book within them for at least a day.

This is a lot of work and beyond the capabilities of most people so send your water damaged books to book restoration experts.

Restoring Antique Books
Over time the chemicals and materials used in the creation of antique books will damage the integrity of the book. In order to ensure high quality book restoration that will last great care and specific techniques are required.
Take the following precautions to successfully restore antique books:

1. Make sure that the area you are working in is clean and dry. You can use a mild cleaner for this task.
2. Don’t choose a working area exposed to direct sunlight as this can cause further damage. Use a natural low lighted area instead.
3. Antique books can suffer more damage from the oils in your hands. Use white cotton gloves for the handling of your antique books. If you don’t want to wear gloves then your hands must be scrupulously clean at the start and you will need to wash them a few times during the book restoration.

4. Use a gas duster or a soft brush and clean your book gently.
5. In the case of your book being very fragile then you can use rubber bands to hold the pages and the cover together. Be sure not to use adhesives, tapes or staples.
6. If you need to clean the pages then only use sandpaper that is very fine grit or pencil erasers.
7. If gum, waxed crayons or food needs removal then you must use a single edged razor.
8. After cleaning use a storage bag that can be sealed and place your book in it.

Always take your antique books for restoration to an experienced book restoration expert for the very best results. Pavel Book Restoration will lovingly care for your books. Contact us today.